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In 1977 George Rath was a young man with time on his hands. Two years earlier, not quite ready to leave his home town and family, he'd turned down an offer to play ball with the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club. Instead, he played for a local junior college, Cosumnes River in Elk Grove, California. While there, he threw out his arm. It was a career ending, and beginning, injury. 

George grew up with two loves: baseball and radio.

“In the early seventies, radio was fun,” he says. “It was theatre of the mind and at the same time it was the music that I would end up loving for the rest of my life.”

With his career in baseball over, George took a job playing records at roller skating rinks. One day, just after announcing the couples skate, a guy walked up to him and asked if he'd ever thought about getting into radio.

Turns out, the guy was an afternoon DJ at a popular Top 40 radio station, KROY...

“I said, that's a dream of mine,” George recalls. “Then, he took my name and number down and said 'If I ever hear of anything, I'll let you know.'”

A few months later, George picked up the phone and heard a familiar voice asking him if he wanted to apply for a radio job in Grass Valley, California. He did and ended up working at that station, off and on, for another twenty years.

George was “discovered” at that small skating rink, forty years ago. A lot has happened in the intervening time. He's become an expert in his craft. He's also developed a strong, resilient faith in God. His story, raw and sometimes painful, is real life. You'll hear some of it during the late night/early morning hours when he's on air. But most of all you'll hear him pointing people to Christ.

“At that time of day, there can be so many things going on in somebody's life. Hard things as well as light,” George says. “I just want to be an encouragement, that God is wherever they are ... you might be on a hill or you might be in a valley, but God's right there with you. And, let me tell you that's the best place to be, in His care.”

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