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Josh Baldwin

"I feel like the power that reaches people the most is our testimony. The power of our testimony. There's such hope that comes out when we share what the Lord has done in us with other people. When they can see where you've been and where you are now, and how the Lord redeemed you." - Josh Baldwin

"Let The Redeemed" 
LIVE Performance

"You are my deliverer
You are my promised land

So let the redeemed of the Lord say so 
Sing of His promises ever more 
Pour out your thankfulness, let it overflow 
Let the redeemed of the Lord say so..."

Josh reflects on the bible verse and life experiences that inspired the song "Let The Redeemed" in this About the Song:

Josh Baldwin grew up as a pastor's kid in the small town of Albemarle, North Carolina. He fell in love with music at an early age, playing with Matchbox cars at the foot of the piano while his father led worship and his mother sang in the choir. His love for worship and desire to write songs was more caught than taught. 

He began leading worship in his twenties and realized he'd found what he was called to do: write songs that draw people closer to God and reminds them of His unfailing love.

What three words (make that five) would Josh use to describe himself? Find out here and discover more about his relationship with the Lord, too...


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