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Dr. James Dobson, 82, Still Offering Family-Focused Advice (+podcast)

Sunday, February 10, 2019

(K-LOVE Closer Look – Marya Morgan/Anne Ferrell Tata) -- Wisdom is timeless, as proven by the timely advice offered by world-famous child-development expert Dr. James Dobson. For more than 40 years, his unwavering biblical perspective on marriage and parenting has guided Christian families towards peace and progress on the radio, first as founder of Focus On The Family and now as host of FAMILY TALK Radio.

Click to hear our Closer Look conversation with this legendary grandfather-in-the-faith:

A long, substantial career and decades of ministry might make you think Dr. Dobson would crave rest and relaxation, but he dismisses any thought of retirement. “What? and go sit on a beach someplace? Sit on the front porch on a rocker?”’ he laughs. But then adds seriously, “after 40 years of broadcasting I have felt the hand of the Lord at my back saying, ‘don’t even think about it’…the family is still in trouble.”

Mindful of the divorce rate, the struggles of single parenting and the shocking increase of teen suicides and school shootings, Dr. Dobson continues to answer questions about raising difficult children, overcoming marital infidelity and promotes parenting that withstands cultural pressures. The author of smash bestsellers such as The Strong-Willed Child and Dare To Discipline says that Love Must Be Tough may be his favorite book of all. “I’ve had more mail, more comments from people who’ve said ‘you saved my marriage’ with that book.”

Energized by the ongoing need and enduring interest in his expertise, Dr. Dobson remains committed to keeping watch over modern families. “I’m doing the same thing that I’ve always done, trying to hold families together; trying to make marriages work; trying to help husbands and wives raise their children to be healthy and happy and love the Lord.”

Dr. Dobson with K-LOVE’s Anne Ferrell Tata at the Museum of the Bible, D.C.

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